Application Areas

Temet has deliveries all around the world and it´s technology is being utilized in versatile facilities to make critical buildings blast resistant and improve safety.


Critical functions and personnel are often protected against harmful blast created by accidental explosion. Risk in the industry keeps staying high while incidents are been recorded. Extracting the raw material underground, processing and transporting all involve explosion risks, processing being the main source of major incidents. Control rooms, electrical substations, instrumentation houses, personnel spaces and firefighting points are examples of the buildings to be protected. A lot can be done with preventive measures, but incidents are difficult if not impossible to fully eliminate. In order to provide good safety proper blast proofing of buildings is required.

Chemical Industry

Whenever there are explosive gases, high processing pressure and heat or risk of a spark, there is risk of explosion. Chemical industry has these elements as it processes materials into chemical, plastic, specialty and agricultural products.

Nuclear Plants

Through partner company needs of nuclear power industry are served. Temet high performance products are good match as the industry faces high requirements in all aspects of its´ plants design and safety.