Temet for Safety Manager

Gas explosion is the largest risk with costly outcome. It is estimated that on average one gas leakage, fire or explosion happens every day in Oil & Gas and chemical industry. Gas explosion is one of the most damaging single events.

The benefits

  • Temet solutions minimize downtime and damage both personnel and equipment
  • Fulfills OSHA PSM 1910.119 regulation for protecting buildings intended for occupancy
  • Prevention of escalation and increased operability throughout a crisis
  • Blast overpressures of risk scenarios not a limiting factor in layout design
    • Focus on layout design can be put on designing daily work easier and more efficient at the plant
    • Cost of wiring, piping, other connecting elements and land is lower – everything can be built closer together and possible explosion source
  • Overall improved risk management
    • While structural engineering can be done to accommodate higher blast safety requirements, often lack of performance in blast protection products (e.g. blast dampers/valves/doors) is forcing to accept higher risk levels. With high performance products lower risk levels can be achieved.
    • Product design in-line with the newest academic research and understanding of gas explosion phenomenon

Having Temet as preferred supplier secures that your blast protection is automatically always according to newest research and insights.