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Civil Defence Shelter is necessary for safety

Minister of Interior Päivi Räsänen published hers Blog writing concerning current issue of Civil Defence Shelters.

In Finland, construction responsible of shelters is passed on to the constructor of the building. In the past 60 years, we have built on this principle a comprehensive shelter for around four million citizens. It is about 4.5 billion security investment that costs are extensively distributed throughout population.

Discussion of shelters is once again relevant. The underlying idea is that housing prices will drop, if shelters building requirement will be waived. The removal the obligation of shelters does not direct effect to the prices of the housing. The housing price is determined by supply and demand, as well as the location of the apartment on the general level of prices of housing.

The Risks and threats should to take account when making the decision to construct shelters. The Government last security and defense policy report for the year 2012 have been extensively characterized our threats. According to the report, an armed attack is still possible, and our country has a need to maintain a system of territorial integrity and we need to secure and protect the population against all potential hazards. With reference to the experience of Second World War, still the modern warfare weapon effects can be targeted specifically to the civilian population.

Civil defense shelters provide protection in the most difficult circumstances. Today the shelters is not build only for just these extreme situations, but it can also be used for other purposes. Development of shelters structures should continue to so that the facilities are also available as widely as possible under normal conditions. In addition, an effort needs to put to reduce the additional costs of construction.
In the present of danger, man protect him/herself and his/hers family. This ancient principle has not changed in any way. As long as we need of the armed forces to protect us, we also need to protect our citizens to the shelters against the dangers of war.

Minister of Interior Blog (in Finnish):