Exhaust Blast Valves and Vent Pipe Valves

The exhaust blast valve is intended for the protection of the diesel generator and its sensitive components against blast waves entering through the exhaust gas pipe. The exhaust blast valve should be designed and installed in accordance with the same requirements that apply to the blast valves.

The PVD series blast valves are used as exhaust air valves in Civil Defence and Military shelters. The valves are specially designed to be used in the exhaust systems of diesel engines and are suitable for other applications with hot and corrosive gases. They are also applied for protection of vent pipes of sanitary systems and fuel and water tanks.

The PVD series blast valves are designed and tested to withstand multiple long duration (peak duration >60 ms) blast loads having peak reflected overpressure of 20 bar and short duration (positive phase duration <5.0 ms) blast load having peak reflected overpressure of 60 bar while retaining their full functional ability.