Filtration systems

Filtration systems

CBRN filtration systems are vital in protecting against the various gases, vapors and aerosols that can be released during an incident or a terrorist act. They are made up of an air preheater, special filters, blower units, gauges, connection ducts with joint devices, regulating and closing devices, as well as shock absorbers and are designed to be safe and reliable during both emergencies and everyday use.

Temet’s ventilation and CBRN filtration units are used in CBRN-protected civil defense and military shelters for the filtration of nuclear fallout and biological and chemical warfare agents with maximum efficiency. They can also be used in CBRN-protected laboratories and field hospital facilities. Units are installed in the wall to save floor space.

Our ESL series of filtration units include a HEPA filter with at least 99.995% efficiency for particles of 0.3 µm and an activated carbon filter. The ESL units come in six sizes with air filtration capacities of between 600 m3/h to 7,500 m3/h.

Eurofins Expert Services Ltd has granted our ESL-150 CBRN filtration unit (IVL-1) a product conformance certificate. Temet and Eurofins Expert Services Ltd have in place a continuous quality assurance agreement. Our filtration units are made in accordance with the regulations issued by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior.

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