Temet for Designer

We know you are loaded with work and want to effectively make good reliable designing choices that give customer satisfaction to your customers and confidence that you don´t have to later on return to the issue.

No need to return later

  • High performance products
  • Support and consultation in product choices and blast proofing
  • Most comprehensive product testing. Reliability that the product will work as stated.
  • Pressure drop, air flow, noise levels and face velocity can be used as designing parameters due to advanced product configurator. Easier to comply with your or your customer´s policies and guidelines.
  • And more

Benefits of high performance blast protection

Designed for safety in major gas explosion incident

  • Long blast impulse duration (cf. weapon explosion)
  • Reflections and multiple explosions
  • Negative phase

Advanced and comprehensive product testing            

  • Minimal probability of failure

High explosion overpressure resistance

  • Buildings can be located close to a potential explosion source

Low pressure loss in ventilation system

  • Energy savings

Noise levels tested

  • Comfortability


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