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Regenerative Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Removal

Regenerative Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Removal

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is commonly overlooked as a life-threatening agent. The side effects of a high concentration of CO2 normally start with fatigue, headaches, and dizziness, but can rapidly lead to fainting, brain damage and even death. In fact, some mandatory requirements of shelter filtration systems has been triggered greatly by death cases of shelter residents in sealed shelters.

Humans breath in oxygen and exhale CO2. When a shelter has insufficient or no fresh air supply (for example in close-up mode), the CO2 level in the shelter rapidly reaches dangerous levels. This is even more significant in an operational shelter, where the residents need not only to perform at a high level, but they are also very active and hence create greater amounts of CO2.

Temet's Regenerative CO2 removal system is designed specifically to handle this threat. Being the only shelter's regenerative CO2 removal system in the world (parallel regenerative systems exist in submarines and space shuttles), Temet's system is the cutting edge of technology, replacing ineffective solutions, like Soda Lime (which is effective in small facemask filter and for a short duration) which require enormous amounts of materials and space, as well as workmanship to maintain and operate.

The Regenerative CO2 removal system works in parallel two lines. While the first line is removing CO2 from the air inside the shelter by a special technology and releasing it outside of the shelter, the other line is cleaning itself and preparing to be back online. The system switches between these two lines automatically through a control board with a touch screen, which can be operated locally, remotely or by BMS. In some cases, like extended stay shelters, an auxiliary Oxygen supply system is connected to the CO2 removal system to ensure the sufficient oxygen level in the shelter.

Temet's systems can be integrated with building management systems (BMS) to ensure online data, full over-all control, and maximum safety for personnel inside the shelter. 

Our fully automatic regenerative carbon dioxide removal system has been designed to be used in any facility with a gas-tight envelope that needs to be fully closed in dangerous situations.

The CO2 removal system ensures staff safety at times when no fresh or purified air is available at a facility. The standalone system requires only a connection to main power and the existing ventilation ductwork and occupies less space than other systems.

You can contact Temet here for more detailed product info and enquiries.

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