Shelters and hardened facilities

Shelters and hardened facilities

The doctrines of designing shelters and hardened facilities vary by type (Civil Defence, Governmental or Defence Forces), purpose (resting or operational facility), importance (critical function or not), local regulations (where they exist), threat analysis- and often, unfortunately, budget.

Temet provides cost-effective solutions for a full range of shelters. Our expertise covers design consultation, tested and certified equipment, customization, as well as installation and commissioning support.

Shelters and hardened facilities are designed to protect people and equipment from a large variety of threatening scenarios: explosions caused by attack or accidents, lethal contamination environments caused by CBRN/TIC releases (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear / Toxic Industrial Chemicals), EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), and even earthquakes.

How these shelters are implemented varies from country to country. Some are driven by national regulations for shelters, even peaceful countries like Switzerland, Singapore, and Finland.
In Finland, for example, the Civil Defense Act was put in place in 1958 and its been updated and improved many times to keep up with changing needs and scenarios, as well as innovative equipment.

But regardless of country, governments everywhere build civil defense shelters to protect their citizens and hardened facilities to safeguard their critical infrastructures.

Building the facilities is a long and demanding process. All the relevant elements need to be addressed thoroughly, from the design to budgeting, tendering, construction and commissioning all the way to operation, and maintenance. We provides technical support throughout every stage of the process.

Temet has a proven track record. Through  thousands of projects, we have supported design companies, governments and defence forces, Petrochemical and nuclear industries, construction companies, as well as end-users, with professional advice and consultation in addition to our professional cost-effective products.

Temet has been building shelters since 1953 and has become a global market leader. Today, most of the shelters we build are dual use. Under peacetime conditions they can serve as underground parking facilities or sports facilities or even metro stations, among other things.

Many of our products have been tested and certified according to international standards and specifications, and our experienced research and development department can customize solutions to suit your needs.

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