Residential shelters

Residential Shelters

Residential shelters are shelters built per household. They can be a small room inside an apartment or a large VIP shelter, but they should always be safe, comfortable and usable as part of the house. Residential shelters should also be exceptionally easy to operate and maintain, and be always instantly ready for use.

Some countries have mandatory regulations for residential shelters, per household or apartment buildings, others provide significant incentive to build them, and in some cases people simply wish to feel safe.

A good example of a government incentive is that the shelter space will not be included in the landowner's building rights, allowing him to have a larger (and more valuable) house if he builds a part of it as a shelter. In such cases the property owners tend to build the shelter as a regular room or home office and in some case as a leisure basement for gaming, home-theater, or a gym. Creating a win-win situation for the government and owners.

Temet provides, not only the top-of-the-line equipment, but also the full support in the planning and design stage as well as throughout the project.

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