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Ground Shock Isolation

Ground Shock Isolation

Ground shock occurs when the ground becomes loaded via a blast, which threatens both over- and underground structures. Shock isolator technology is essential to install in shelters and other protected facilities, where such ground shocks can cause damage to critical and life-supporting systems.

Temet provides a comprehensive set of ground shock isolator systems designed for use in applications susceptible to shock loads. They are best suited to protect mechanical and electrical installations against the effects of ground shocks and to prevent transmittance and propagation of self-excited vibrations.

Our VTV ground shock isolators are designed and fabricated in accordance with the shock spectrum measured in hard bedrock where the maximum quantities of motion are 35 mm of displacement, 1.5 m/s of velocity and 50 g of acceleration. The efficiency of shock isolation depends on the frequency of the ground shock excitation, but is always more than 90% for disturbing frequencies above 10 Hz. In practice, this means that the transmitted shock force is always limited to under 2 g.

Our VTV ground shock isolators are used for shock mounting of equipment installations in hardened civil defense and military shelters and have been made in accordance with the provisions issued by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior and type tested and approved for use by VTT\Eurofins (the Technical Research Centre of Finland).

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