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A Pioneer of Civil Protection

Temet´s position as an industry development leader is based on investments in research and development as well as cooperation with international research and testing laboratories. As a result, we have become the world´s leading manufacturer of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) filtration systems and shelter technology solutions. At the same time, we have obtained several patents for our products.

We are committed to laboratory tested solutions, innovative research and comprehensive customer support which are the core of our customer-centric approach - from design and customization to installation, commissioning, and training. Investments in systems, increased production capacity and automation ensure fast and high-quality deliveries.

We strive to anticipate the future and listen to our customers wishes. This allows us to tailor the most appropriate, reliable, and long-lasting products, systems and service solutions to fit each need, withstanding both current and future diverse threats.

Temet´s experience and investment in the development of security technology constantly produces new solutions, e.g. civil protection and equipment, as well as various military protection structures. The strong product development, research and testing activities and manufacturing of our own products, which has continued for decades, are driven by strict Finnish legislation. On the other hand, the demanding international assignments have contributed to the development of solutions which have been adopted as well in domestic applications.

You can find Temet´s solutions on our service and product pages. Whatever your needs are, we can provide you with the customized solution or service needed to protect human lives, critical infrastructure, and vital facilities from the effects of explosions and fragments, blasts, radiation, and hazardous substances.

Our experts at your service

Choose Temet safety® – unmatched experience and a solid commitment to the development of protection technology

Temet’s mission is to save lives. We do this every day by developing reliable and competitive solutions that protect people and property. Our solutions are used in every conceivable area, from civil protection to industrial sites.

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