Temet ESL-6000-A

ESL-150 CBRN Systems

ESL-150 CBRN unit

The ESL-150 CBRN-filtration unit is used in CBRN-protected civil defence and military shelters for filtration of nuclear fallout and biological and chemical warfare agents with maximum efficiency. The ESL-150 can also be used in CBRN-protected laboratories and field hospital facilities. The unit is installed in the wall to save floor space.

The ESL-150 CBRN-filtration unit comprises the following components: blast valve (PV-1) provided with a gastight closing device and pre-filter, a CBRN-filter (ES-150) and ground shock isolated electrically and manually operated blower (SP-1), an air flow meter, a sound attenuator and an emergency light. The unit provides CBRN-filtrated air flow of 150 m³ /h, and by-pass air flow of 612 m³ /h in electric and 486 m³ /h in manual operation.


ESL-150 CBRN unit


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