Blast valves - hot exhaust

High Temperature Valves

High-Temperature Valves

High-temperature exhaust blast valves are used to protect diesel generators and their sensitive components from pressure waves entering through their exhaust pipes. The high-temperature exhaust blast valves are designed and installed with the same requirements of standard blast valves, with the additional requirement to operate in a temperature above 600 degrees Celsius. The exhaust blast valve is a single action valve, intended for exhaust only.


The PVD Exhaust Blast Valve is designed to sustain a high temperature of up to 650°c. The PVD Exhaust blast valves are commonly used to protect diesel generators within their exhaust pipes, where temperature is very high.

A special high-temperature wall sleeve is normally installed together with the PVD blast valve to prevent the concrete wall from high-temperature damage. Various models, sizes, and installation options are available to fit almost any shelter design.

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