Blast Valves

Blast Valves are protective elements for air intakes and outlets. Temet blast valves are providing protection from 2 bar up to 100 bar, based on the model. Blast valves for hardened shelters will be installed into the wall prior to concrete casting to integrate the frame with wall reinforcement.

Blast valves are designed to prevent the penetration of blast waves caused by an explosion through the air channels into the shelter. They are installed in every open-air channel and duct penetrating the pressure protection line of the shelter. 

PSV Series Blast Valves

The PSV series Blast Valves are used as air intake and exhaust valve in Civil Defence and military shelters. The valves are specially designed for applications requiring high blast resistance and large ventilation capacity with minimum wall space. PSV Blast Valve gives protection up to 100 bars.

PV-KK Series Blast Valves

The PV-KK blast valve is used as air intake and outlet valve in Civil Defence and military shelters and blast protected industrial facilities.

The PV-KK blast valve is designed and tested to withstand multiple long duration blast loads having peak reflected overpressure of 1100 kPa (11 bar) while retaining its full functional ability.