Overpressure Blast Valves

Overpressure blast valve is used as air outlet valve in Civil Defence and military shelters and blast protected industrial facilities. The valve regulates the internal overpressure of the shelter and closes rapidly when subjected to a blast from the outside.


The YV-1 overpressure blast valve comprises a pivoted closing element (pressure disk) closing the air passage against the valve seats in response to the positive phase of the blast or lack of overpressure inside the shelter. The valve is mounted on a structural steel wall sleeve to be cast in the concrete wall


The YV-KK overpressure blast valve block comprises three closing elements supported by a lever mechanism. Under normal ventilation conditions the lever allows the valve to open when the internal overpressure exceeds 50 Pa. In case of positive or negative blast load from the outside, the closing elements are instantly pushed against the valve seats thus closing the valve. The valve blocks are mounted in structural steel wall frames that can house 1 to 10 blocks.