Consultation & design services

A well-designed shelter offers protection against the effects of different threats by providing a hardened mechanical shield against the harmful ambient conditions and sustaining life inside the shelter by temporary life-supporting systems. 

Different types of shelters have significant differences in design and daily use. Highest class operational shelters must have a fully operational status continuously, when normal public shelter can be dual-used during normal time, which means more flexibility in design phase as well as significant cost benefits during the life cycle of the shelter.

Shelter is only as strong as its weakest link!

Consultation services are an essential part of the service package provided for the Architects & Engineers engaged in the design of shelters and protective structures. Temet assists the designers in all questions related with the special protective, HVAC and structural technology.

A typical project begins with the designers, architects and engineers meeting with Temet to discuss the project. It is critical that the separate disciplines are coordinated from the beginning of the project to ensure a properly integrated design. During the design process, Temet assists in dimensioning the product based on airflow, blast and other requirements. Drawings are supplied by Temet so the structural design and engineering can be integrated with the Temet products.

As the project goes out for bid, Temet will work with the contractors to ensure that at the time of installation they understand the procedures. If requested, Temet may submit an agreement to provide installation support and product training


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