Temet’s expertise is in solving the two critical issues of a hardened protective facility: hardening technology and temporary life supporting technology. Within the field of hardening technology, Temet offers the most advanced products designed for blast protection of the access ways and ventilation openings. Temet’s advanced product offering is supported by their in-house engineering and validated by independent testing and certification.

Temet blast protection products guarantee that a protective facility does not compromise blast protection at access and ventilation points. Temet CBRN filtration products ensure that the environment within the protective facility supports life and the mission and is clean of toxins that may be present outside the protective shelter.
Temet’s expertise in Civil Defence Shelters is successfully applied in furnishing other types of civilian and military protective structures with blast protection, special filtration and shock protection technology.
Typical end users of Temet solutions are command & control rooms, equipment and material shelters, hardened telecom and server centers  as well as power distribution facilities.