Temet Oy has been awarded with the ISO 3834-2 certification

Nov 10, 2020

Temet Oy´s quality management system has been awarded with the ISO 3834-2 certification, which sets the quality requirements for welding. The new ISO 3834-2 certification is integrated with Temet’s existing ISO 9001 certification.

Temet is specialised in applications that require the welding of industrial steel structures, components and assemblies. The second level of ISO 3834 certification includes comprehensive quality requirements for welding and is particularly well suited to the demands of both Temet and Temet´s customers.The ISO 3834-2 certification enables Temet to ensure the quality of its end products and streamline workflows. All certificates, in relation to each other, constitute the essential principles of our business and give us new tools to develop our processes

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