The swimming hall is being built inside the civil defence shelter

Feb 20, 2024

The swimming hall is being built inside the civil defence shelter under tight demands.

In Finland, the starting point has always been the multi-purpose of civil shelters. In addition to modernizing and maintaining the shelters, we also want to increase the general utility of the shelters for use that serves everyone in normal times. 


It is possible to build parking garages, multi-purpose halls or swimming halls in spaces originally intended as shelters


The same trend can also be seen in the world, in reverse. Temet has planned and implemented significant projects in which public facilities, e.g. underground car parks, have been converted to function also as modern shelters when the need arise. Temet strives to help the customer in projects where shelters are not only for times of crisis.


Temet's solid and comprehensive expertise as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of population shelters enables challenging projects like this. Temet also has evidence of implementing projects with a fast schedule, high- quality and cost-effeciency.


More information: Juha Simola




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