Väistö Group Oy announces name change to Temet Group Oy

Jan 29, 2021

Confident in our world-known brand of TEMET for nearly 70 years of saving lives with
sheltering solutions worldwide, the Väistö Group and its subsidiaries are joining the
TEMET brand.

The Väistö Group Oy, a group of companies leading the Civil Defense Shelters Industry, announced today it has changed its name to Temet Group Oy.

As part of the restructuring and reorganization of the group, unifying the group’s brand is the primary step of many to follow. The new name will reflect the undergoing changes in the company returning to its core mission of saving lives with the most efficient and innovative blast and CBRN protection solutions.

The name change will reflect to the group subsidiaries which have also changed their names to:

- Temet International Oy Ltd. (formerly: Temet Oy),
- Temet Finland Oy (formerly: Suoja Expert Oy),
- Temet Construction Oy (formerly: Figere Oy)

“It was obvious to me from day one that TEMET is our brand “, said Marko Häkkinen, the new recently appointed Chairman of the Board for Temet Group Oy. “The TEMET brand has been about excellence and saving lives for nearly 70 years with thousands of satisfied customers and millions of people protected.

We are inspired to continue and develop this legacy “.

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